Benefits & Myths

Metal Roofing Facts

More and more homes and commercial buildings are now installing metal roofs. Why are homeowners and businesses making the switch from asphalt shingles and other roof types to metal roofing? When you consider the longevity, any possible tax savings and the reduced energy costs, metal roofing becomes very attractive.
There are numerous benefits to installing a metal roof. (facts gathered from Gerard  and Central States) 
Here are a few of the more important ones:

Metal Roofing is Cost Effective

Metal roofing is energy efficient. How efficient? Tests have shown that a metal roof can reduce cooling costs by as much as 40%. In addition, metal roofing meets the criteria of recycled content, so it’s environmentally friendly. 

Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflects heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer and insulate during the winter.  This can help lower energy bills.

Up to 40% ENERGY SAVINGS - lower heating and cooling bills

***Solar Reflectivity - The metal panel's ability to reflect sunlight.

This characteristic of metal roofing is the most important in terms of energy savings. Cool metal roofing reflects much of the sun’s rays, making the surface of the metal much cooler than material with a lower solar reflectivity rating.

***Emissivity - The metal panel's ability to release absorbed heat.

A low emissivity rating means the material will be hot to the touch (it doesn’t release the heat), while material with a higher emissivity rating will be cooler to the touch. Therefore, metal with a low emissivity rating retains heat and may be more desirable for a cooler climate, while a high emissivity rating reflects heat and is more effective for saving energy in a warmer climate.

Strength & Durability

A metal roof stands up to all types of wind and weather conditions, and meets most building codes for fire, wind and impact.  In terms of longevity, a metal roof lasts three to four times longer than asphalt shingle roofs. Recent advancements in metal roof painting and coating technology have eliminated the concerns about rust and corrosion. Many of the leading manufacturers offer outstanding long term warranties. 

Durability - LASTS 2-3 TIMES LONGER than traditional asphalt shingles

Up to - 95% RECYCLED CONTENT environmentally friendly

Valuable Investment

You not only will save a lot of money in future roof repair and replacement costs, but it could mean a reduction in insurance premiums in most states, likely lower utility bills and higher property resale value since roof replacement costs are usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale. Your new metal roof can last a lifetime unlike an asphalt shingle roof which requires re-roofing every 10 to 20 years. A metal roof may increase the re-sale value of a home and most insurance companies offer a home owner insurance reduction for a metal roof.

Most utility companies offer incentives to install our energy star rated metal roofing products. You are not only eligible to enjoy these immediate incentives from your utility company, but consider that with conventional roofing materials, most of the heat that enters your home comes from your roof.

In most states, insurance companies are convinced that a new, professionally installed roof will withstand hail and wind better and be less likely to leak than an old one, so they are willing to reduce insurance rates to reflect the lower risk.

Myth #1:

Metal Roofing Is Noisy.  Incorrect - A common misconception made by people is that a metal roof will be noisy so if you are hoping to hear the sound of rain on your metal roof you will be disappointed. A metal roof is installed like other roofing material – over solid sheathing. When installed this way a metal roof is actually just as quiet as other roofing products. Actually some metal roofing such as stone coated are quieter than many other types and even have a 2” hail warranty.

Myth #2:

Metal Roofing will Rust. Incorrect - Metal roofing systems today are built to last. If a metal roof is steel it is first coated with a coating of wither zinc or a zinc and aluminum mix which inhibits the formation of rust. It is then primed and painted to provide the long lasting color that a home owner desires. Standing Seam and some metal shingles are also available in painted aluminum.

Myth #3:

Metal Roofing attracts lightning.  Wrong - A metal roof will not increase the chances of your home getting struck by lightning. In fact if your roof WERE hit by lightning the metal would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Metal roofing is not flammable or combustible so it is a safer option than say wood shake especially in an area where weather is a concern.

Myth #4:

Metal Roofing is too Heavy. Wrong - Actually metal roofing in most cases is 50% lighter and asphalt shingles and 75% lighter than concrete tiles.

Myth #5:

You Cannot Walk on a Metal Roof.   Yes, you can walk on all metal roofs. Check with the manufacturer of the product that you chose for your roof.